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What is Trello?

Spun out of Fog Creek Software in 2014, Trello (trello.com) offers a highly visual web-based tool that enables teams to organize projects and enhance productivity. More than 5.5 million members use Trello’s online platform to create lists, check progress, and share updates using their computer, smartphone, or tablet...

The Business & Technical Challenges

Trello expanding community has to be able to use the tool regardless of time, device or location. Trello's reputation relies on the quality of the experience they bring their users every time they connect. To ensure this, a powerful IT infrastructure has to undertake peak request of 2500 requests/sec. As an online company, security and availability is fundamental to its business. They are aware about DDoS attacks as a threat for their business and know that the bigger is the community the more likely they will be attacked. This is why they need a solid DDoS mitigation solution through cloud because they don't have this security expertise within their staff.

Trello - DDoS mitigation solution

Results & Benefits

  • Trello's IT teams can now focus on business support rather than on infrastructure
  • Trello saves on in-house IT resources and costs
  • Trello's transactions speed increased by 40 percent
  • Trello is now fully protected against DDoS attacks without any impact on its user base

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